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069 - 2019 03 - 92x73 - 2250 euros (14).

Resume and Biography

Solo Exhibitions

  • July 2018: Alliance Française of Mérida, Mexico (artworks in collaboration with Noemi Hernandez)

  • April 2018: Offices of the company Praesta, Paris

  • February 2018: Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, Paris

  • January 2018: Alliance Française of Belo Horizonte, Brasil

  • November 2017 (from): Galerie Saphir, Paris. Selection of artworks offered by the gallery

  • April 2017: Espaço Santa Catarina, Lisbon

Collective exhibition and Festivals

  • May 2019: Red 03 Art Gallery, Barcelona. Collective exhibition “Paginas y libros de Artista”

  • October 2018: Museo Mulazzi, Tres Arroyos, Argentina

  • May 2018: Festival "Out-dated”, IESA arts & culture, Paris

  • May 2017: Espacio Cajablanca, Buenos Aires. Collective exhibition with 5 geometrical artists

Mural paintings

  • Juillet 2020: Laude Esquier Champey, Paris

  • Mars 2020: Revolv’hair, Paris

  • Juillet 2019: Alliance Française of Merida, Mexico

  • Mars 2019: Private apartment, Romainville, France

  • Novembre 2018: Mad Flamingo, Lisbon

My relationship to art has long been contemplative. This relationship was sometimes intellectual, sometimes emotional, most often a combination of both. But the works that really fascinated me were the ones that caused my emotions to be partially unexplained despite readings and researches.

Then, at some point, contemplation was no longer sufficient. If certain works made me feel stunning emotions, they were never absolute and something was still alien to me. The need to perfect and amplify the aesthetic emotion through creation then came upon me.

At first, my practice was based on a personal reinterpretation of the works of Robert and Sonia Delaunay. My first painting was based on the principle of division of concentric circles and simultaneous contrasts, but with geometrical constructions that already had a touch of dissymmetry, a palette of intense colors and uniform and perfectly defined fields of color.

These early paintings back to around 2000, a little before my thirties. As creative intensity grew with time, I made the decision in 2016 to give up my previous professional career and fully devote myself to artistic creation. As my work on colors and shapes progressed, my vision also evolved until it freed itself from the first influences and gave way to a personal artistic universe.

Biography: Parcours
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